Friday, April 20 was #NationalSchoolWalkout day, yet another protest inspired by the mass shooting in Parkland, Fla., on Valentine’s Day. Students were encouraged to walk out of class to protest … well, the NRA, of course.

Here’s video of a group of teens protesting in front of San Francisco City Hall …

Good luck changing the minds of those gun-crazy San Francisco legislators.

It’s sad in a way that these kid protesters have settled on the NRA as their target, but it’s also a blessing for Second Amendment supporters — rather than address the real problem, they’ve decided to take on a civil rights organization that’s not going to back down, and they’re going to lose.

We know the question has been asked before, but how many kids did the NRA kill Friday?

Here’s more from HuffPost’s Sarah “Teen Girls Are the Future” Ruiz-Grossman:


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