Here’s a scoop by POLITICO Magazine: The Washington Post’s conservative blogger, Jennifer Rubin, says she’s not going back to the Republican Party and “has dreams of a new party rising from the charred principles of conservatism, or of the Democratic Party rushing in to fill the void left in the center.”

What a shock this must be to all of the readers of her “Right Turn” blog in The Washington Post over the past couple of years.

“Republicans have permanently eliminated themselves from credibility to govern,” Rubin told Edward-Isaac Dovere. “You can’t be willing to sacrifice core American values for the sake of a tax cut and be deemed to be worthy of trust going forward.”

Rubin does have a warning for the Republican Party to ignore at its own peril, and it has to do with the younger generation of voters:

… As the party of Trump, Republicans may lose an entire generation, Rubin warns. And policy wins like the tax bill aren’t going to sway millennials’ opinions of the GOP.

“It is a remarkably idealistic generation. What motivates these people is not tax policy, is not party economics or party foreign policy; it’s issues that have a moral and a value-laden core,” Rubin said. “They look upon environmentalism as a moral issue, as a moral cause. They look upon guns as an issue of [whether] we as a society value children.”


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