WSB-TV in Atlanta reports that authorities spent about five to six weeks preparing for a rally in Newnan, Ga., by the National Socialist Movement, a Michigan-based “white civil rights organization.” Today was the big day — at least for protesters and law enforcement, who dwarfed the tiny neo-Nazi gathering.

The rally started late and ended promptly at 5 p.m. when the city pulled the plug, according to the permit.

Wow, that’s a pretty small group, considering …

There were only 10 reported arrests, and Christopher Mathias of HuffPost seemed most concerned with the aggressiveness with which law enforcement enforced the “no masks” policy with antifa.

Police weren’t messing around with the ban on masks:

Mathias does have a point, though — the mind does boggle at how much must have been spent on security to ensure this group had the right to express themselves, no matter how heinous the message.


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