TAP Alerts brags in its Twitter bio that it’s blocked by @realDonaldTrump, and also that it offers “the latest breaking alerts 24/7.”

So, exactly what kind of breaking alerts can we expect? Well, here’s a map the account posted showing the location of planned, spontaneous protests across the nation were President Trump to fire either Robert Mueller or Rod Rosenstein.

There sure are a lot of big blue circles on that map, but the tweet left a lot of people asking …

Yep, people in all of those circles are going to rush out of their homes and into the streets — spontaneously — the minute word gets out that Trump has fired either Mueller or Rosenstein. Imagine their surprise when they see all the neighbors doing exactly the same thing and — Shazam! — it’s a protest!

We know it’s from back when The Resistance thought Trump would fire Mueller on Christmas Eve, but these tips always give us a good laugh … so spontaneous!


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