No one asked for 280-character tweets or 50-character usernames, but Twitter was happy to spring those on people whose only stated wish has been for some sort of edit button on the service (and maybe easing up on the ban hammer where conservatives are concerned).

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey hasn’t heard those calls for an edit button, but he did catch President Donald Trump’s tweet on the shooting at YouTube headquarters in California this week.

What’s a good start? Well, according to Dorsey, the very-ambiguously worded 5-point plan posted on the March For Our Lives website, which calls for a ban on magazines that hold more than 10 rounds and “a comprehensive assault weapons ban that prohibits the future production and sale of these weapons and provides a solution for dealing with those assault weapons that are already owned, such as a buyback program or registration.”

Like we said, the wording is ambiguous, but from the speeches at the D.C. march and from tweets from Parkland survivors, you can bet the AR-15 is considered “an assault weapon.”

So, what else has @jack been up to this week to make the world a safer place?

Diminish abuse on Twitter? Like disagreeing with Parkland activists when they call NRA members terrorists and murderers? And what or whom is @dangerousspeech?

Harvard’s Susan Benesch, who will help direct the study, “founded and directs the Dangerous Speech Project, which studies speech that can inspire violence — and ways to prevent such harm, without infringing on freedom of expression.”

Benesch writes:

Online abuse has become so widespread and pervasive that it poses a serious challenge to public welfare around the world. Like other complex social problems, it requires a rigorous, multifarious search for solutions. It can’t be solved merely by trying to delete all the harmful content online (even if this were technically possible to achieve) since even such draconian policies would not prevent more content from causing harm. It’s like recalling unsafe foods without preventing new food from being contaminated and sold — or towing away crashed cars without trying to make new cars safer.

It’s like calling for new gun laws without enforcing the ones on the books.

Um, yeah, can we just get that edit button now and work out speech for ourselves?