Twitchy reported last week, through the lens of a very unhappy David Klion, that The Atlantic had hired National Review’s Kevin D. Williamson.

That tweet pretty much was the perfect introduction of Williamson to his new colleagues and readership. In a piece published Tuesday, Slate asked why “one of the country’s most venerable political magazines” would hire a “conservative troll.”

Slate published bits of an internal memo to staff written by Atlantic editor Jeffrey Goldberg:

The larger question is this: What am I trying to accomplish by having Kevin write for us? The first answer is this: He’s an excellent reporter who covers parts of the country, and aspects of American life, that we don’t yet cover comprehensively. I happen to think that conservatives made ideologically homeless by the rise of Trump are some of the most interesting people in America, and I want to read them whenever I can.

As our staff knows, because I go on about this ad nauseam, I take very seriously the idea that The Atlantic should be a big tent for ideas and argument. It is my mission to make sure that we outdo our industry in achieving gender equality and racial diversity. It is also my job is to make sure that we are ideologically diverse. Diversity in all its forms makes us better journalists; it also opens us up to new audiences. I would love to have an Ideas section filled with libertarians, socialists, anarcho-pacifists and theocons, in addition to mainstream liberals and conservatives, all arguing with each other.

The memo also answered critics of some of Williamson’s tweets, saying, “I don’t think that taking a person’s worst tweets, or assertions, in isolation is the best journalistic practice.”

So, welcome to The Atlantic, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts?

NRO contributing columnist Dan McLaughlin weighed in as well.