As Twitchy reported, the Trump administration recently announced that it would be including a question on citizenship on the 2020 census, which almost immediately inspired California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to announce a lawsuit.

Becerra and Alex Padilla, secretary of state of California, published an opinion piece in the San Francisco Chronicle Monday explaining — sort of — how adding a citizenship question to the census is not just a bad idea, but illegal.

So, where does everyone get the “illegal” bit? Well, Becerra writes that “the Constitution requires the government to conduct an ‘actual enumeration’ of the total population, regardless of citizenship status.” We’re just not sure how adding the question would interfere with that process — unless, of course, noncitizens refrain from responding to the census, resulting in a less accurate population count.

Is that the argument or are we just not getting it? If you ask about citizenship status on the census, illegal aliens might not respond and therefore throw off the population count (and federal funding)? So asking is illegal?



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