As Twitchy reported, on Saturday, the day of the #MarchForOurLives, Sen. Marco Rubio tweeted that he hoped both sides in the gun debate could find common ground on the issue.

That was about the same time that Parkland survivors like David Hogg were taking the stage in Washington, D.C., and showing off the price tags that Rubio had put on their lives.

Slate was impressed:

So, where does the $1.05 price on each student’s life come from? Slate explains:

Many students at the March for Our Lives rallies across the country were wearing a price tag that read $1.05. The reason? That’s how much they say each student is worth to Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio. The organizers of the march say they got the number by calculating the amount the National Rifle Association donated to Rubio and dividing it by the number of students in Florida.

So, if you take the money Rubio has received from the NRA and divide it among the 3,140,167 students enrolled in Florida schools, you end up with $1.05 — price tags protesters literally wore Saturday:

Way to find common ground with Sen. Rubio, guys.

One thing, though …

We’d be more interested to see students divide whatever the school resource officer “protecting” the school that day was getting paid to stand outside with his gun by the 17 lives lost under his watch.