It was pretty hilarious that a BuzzFeed reporter tried to shame the rest of the media for misrepresenting Saturday’s march as a “gun control protest” and not a “march against gun violence,” even though BuzzFeed’s own reporting called the marches a worldwide rally for gun control.

Twitchy has already shown plenty of signs from today’s #MarchForOurLives gun control protests around the country and around the world, most of the homemade ones taking on the NRA or GOP politicians like Sen. Marco Rubio, depicted with a bloody cross on his forehead.

We’re sure there were more like it, but someone in New York likely was inspired by Resistance leader Scott Dworkin and his fearless hashtag calling to #BanMachineGuns.

If these people won’t stop until some sort of scary firearm is banned, we’re fully behind banning fully automatic weapons first.

Have we all already forgotten The Washington Post’s important piece on the bad-faith practice of “gunsplaining,” i.e., correcting gun control advocates who have no idea how guns work or the associated terminology or existing legislation?

Speaking of not knowing the difference between an AR-15 and an assault weapon, check out what must be one of the worst thought-out signs out there today:

It’s a rebus, get it? Ban all “ass” + “salt” weapons. That’ll inspire some legislation.

But remember, these weren’t’ gun control rallies. They were about school safety … so who gave the speech on transparent backpacks? David Hogg?