We’d thought that Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg had already been interviewed by every media outlet out there, but there are some we hadn’t even heard of asking for interviews.

The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra managed to catch a profanity-laced interview Hogg sat for with The Outline, and while there’s nothing much new here, it’s notable that the NRA remains the boogeyman for the #NeverAgain students, who never seem to have a word to say about the armed law enforcement officers who failed at their job of protecting them.

Anyway, here’s Hogg saying that the NRA “could have blood from children spattered all over their faces, and they wouldn’t take action, ’cause they all still see those dollar signs.” Check out the pushback from the hosts … they challenged Hogg on his claims as much as CNN’s hosts did.

He’s mad all hell — at the wrong people, but hey, the kid’s on a roll. Hey, CNN … can we get a do-over of that town hall knowing all that we know now? Thanks.

Seriously: Not to condescend, but maybe it really is time for a time-out.