Vox published a very lengthy piece last week on CIA Director Mike Pompeo, President Trump’s pick to be the next secretary of state, replacing Rex Tillerson.

What made it so long were the parts that had nothing to do with Pompeo but with “a number of GOP politicians [who] allow their belief in rapture theology to influence their political worldview.” If Pompeo were just an “ordinary” Christian, his future as secretary would be no big deal — right, Vox?

The problem with Pompeo is his “specific brand of dualistic, evangelical faith — dividing the geopolitical into good and evil.” He mentioned the rapture at a 2015 rally, so obviously, he sees world history playing out in terms of “apocalyptic ‘good versus evil’ battles, particularly centered over the ‘Holy Land’ of the Middle East.”

That’s getting too far into the piece, though. Vox decided to put the “scare quote” right in the promotional tweet:

Mind-blowing that a practicing Christian would say such a thing.