The Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks, Calif., was locked down Saturday after a shooting inside a store that police are investigating as a murder-attempted suicide; one woman died and a man, apparently the gunman, was gravely injured.

We’re going to spare everyone all the hot takes about a “mass shooting” at a mall — that’s not what this was, at all. However, this take was so scorching hot, we just had to use it:

“A well-regulated militia” means that your right to own a gun comes with the responsibility to protect the unarmed — people, like yourself, inside a gun-free zone in particular. Do we have that correct?

Natural law, how does it work? So, we guess we’ll just be stamping “Null and Void” on the whole Declaration of Independence too while we’re at it.

But with the right to self-defense comes the responsibility to be that good guy with a gun to stop that bad guy with a gun — even if it means carrying your gun in a gun-free zone like a mall.

And that’s today’s lesson on the Second Amendment — any questions?