Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School junior Kyle Kashuv seemed to be the “invisible” survivor of the Feb. 14 mass shooting, with Twitter dragging its feet on verifying his account.

That’s been rectified, and Kashuv is finally getting his say, thanks in part to Guy Benson’s interview at Townhall. Kashuv got to meet with Katie Pavlich as well, so that’s certainly a bonus.

He’s also met with Chuck Schumer, Kellyanne Conway, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Louis Gohmert, Orrin Hatch, and Speaker Paul Ryan, who tweeted this Thursday:

Thanks for the input, Max Boot — the “conservative” Washington Post columnist who compared Russian cyber attacks to 9/11.

What Kashuv would really like to try is an app called ReachOut that connects students in need of help. The company writes, “When a student is struggling emotionally or just needs someone to talk to, this app gives them a platform to seek help from other student volunteers.”

But sure, ban assault rifles instead.

It is just us, or would we rather hear from a high school junior with some common sense than Max Boot?