In the final tweet of a 12-tweet thread, Bloomberg’s Shahien Nasiripour says that the relationship between Wells Fargo, the NRA, and gun manufacturers isn’t “wrong or improper,” just newsworthy — but some like Erick Erickson didn’t see it that way.

Nasiripour, one of three writers credited with the story entitled, “Wells Fargo Is the Go-To Bank for Gunmakers and the NRA,” disagrees.

Whoa, the third largest bank in the country making millions of dollars? That is newsworthy!

He’s not making any judgments, understand, and he found no evidence of anything wrong or improper — he just thought the deep relationship between Wells Fargo, the NRA, and the broader gun industry would be newsworthy to our readers, so he reported on it. You know, clicks.

Because up until now, we thought the NRA kept the dues of its 5 million members in a mattress. Who suspected that the NRA and gun manufacturers used a bank to handle their money? Crazy.

So … is it just a news story or some more anti-NRA activism?

What, just because Michael Bloomberg co-founded Mayors Against Illegal Guns and bankrolled Everytown for Gun Safety?

Hey, the scolds over at #GrabYourWallet had better get busy and add Wells Fargo to their online naughty list. Get Shannon Watts and Alyssa Milano on the case too.

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