As Twitchy reported back in January, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was set to take her talents to “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” where she’d be a guest judge.

Just in case you forgot to set your DVRs two months ahead of time, Pelosi’s big moment is this Thursday, and she plugged the show on her Twitter account Tuesday.

We’re used to legislators plugging their upcoming appearances on, say, CNN or Fox News Sunday, but this is just a little different.

The show was shot a while ago, but Billboard reports that there’s some controversy surrounding the show this week, as RuPaul came under fire over the weekend for an interview in The Guardian in which he said he wouldn’t allow “bio-queens” on his show — so Pelosi’s safe at least.

Billboard helpfully explained that a bio-queen is a biological woman who mimics femininity through exaggerated drag characters — so it’s a female (or trans) drag queen. “Drag loses its sense of danger and its sense of irony once it’s not men doing it,” RuPaul explained. Surely Pelosi will have something to say about sexist hiring practices?

Will Pelosi get caught up in the controversy? Will she be ambush interviewed by CNN about her stand on bio-queens? Hell, no. But she does make some political statements on the show. Billboard reports:

In a new 10-minute preview of the upcoming episode, Pelosi sashays into the Werk Room, escorted by RuPaul himself, to remind the competing queens why participation in the democratic process is important.

“People sacrifice so much in our country for people to have the right to vote,” the congresswoman said. “It’s a blessing. But we have to use it. If you don’t vote, you don’t count — and you count.”

And THIS is why Republicans keep losing the drag queen vote — let’s get someone from the GOP on there, ASAP. Yes, we have ideas, and no, we’re not telling.

Yes, please leave Congress and follow this new career path. We’ll miss you.

* * *


Pelosi’s at the Washington Press Club Foundation dinner tonight and not only did she plug the show again … she’s got jokes! Pence jokes!