YouTube has “Trusted Flaggers” who help the video streaming site identify extremist content, but the groups participating in the program have confidentiality agreements. The Daily Caller reported this week, though, that one of the groups policing videos is the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Hasson writes:

The SPLC’s close involvement in policing content on YouTube is likely to cause consternation among conservatives who worry that they may not be treated fairly. The left-wing group has consistently labeled pedestrian conservative organizations as “hate groups” and has been directly tied to violence against conservatives in the past. Floyd Lee Corkins, who opened fire at the Family Research Center in 2012, said he chose the FRC for his act of violence because the SPLC listed them as a “hate group.”

The SPLC has also dedicated “Hate Watch” pages to conservatives like “Bell Curve” author Charles Murray, who was physically and violently confronted by a group of protestors after a speech at Middlebury College last spring; a professor escorting him was treated at the hospital.

Becket Adams writes in The Washington Examiner:

In 2015, for example. the group caught well-deserved criticism after it put Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson on its “extremist watch list,” citing the one-time presidential candidate’s “anti-LGBT views.” Later, in 2016, the SPLC labeled women’s rights activist, female genital mutilation victim, atheist, and ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali an “anti-Muslim extremist” because she opposes Islamic extremism. The British activist and extremist-turned-counter-extremist Maajid Nawaz was placed in the same category.

The left-wing advocacy group lumps pro-family and pro-Israel organizations with actual neo-Nazis. If YouTube is serious about monitoring and rooting out actually objectionable content, this is not the way to go. The SPLC will slap the word “extremist” on just about anything so long as it’s right-tilting.

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