The Daily Caller managed to catch a bit of video from CNN Wednesday afternoon in which Wolf Blitzer interviewed Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Alfonso Calderon, who noted that the NRA is “basically killing children.”

Here’s a bit of the segment, in which Calderon, applauding DICK’S Sporting Goods’ decision to stop selling “assault-style rifles,” says he’s “glad that companies, which are what will stop the NRA from doing what they’re doing, basically killing kids, the companies are going to be the ones that are going to stop this.”

As The Daily Caller notes, Blitzer offered no pushback whatsoever, closing the segment by saying only, “We’ll continue these conversations down the road.”

Um … that was a conversation?

Of course.

Hey, these are just high school kids … you can’t just throw something like the Second Amendment into a discussion and expect them to engage.

Is CNN getting a cut of all new NRA memberships or what, ’cause they’re doing a great job selling them. Oh, and the network also compiled a handy guide to where to buy that new “assault-style” rifle now that DICK’S is off the list. Thanks, CNN! Happy shopping everyone!