It’s obvious at this point that there’s nothing House Speaker Paul Ryan could do to placate the gun grabbers re-energized after the Parkland, Fla., school shooting on Valentine’s Day.

President Trump already held a listening session with shooting survivors that we considered far and away more effective than CNN’s show trial town hall packed with an audience demanding gun control that night and booing anything less.

Tuesday it was Ryan’s turn to meet with Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivors, and Ryan tweeted his thanks for their participation.

Isn’t this how legislative steps begin — with constituents engaging their elected representatives? In any case, Twitter was not impressed with Ryan’s efforts, what with him obviously being owned by the NRA.

Why do we get the impression people think the NRA donates A LOT more money to political campaigns than these people assume?

Like we said, we’re stunned at how hostile liberals are to the idea of offering thoughts and prayers.

Let’s ban machine guns!

The problem wasn’t the sheriff and security, who took positions outside the school while the massacre continued inside?

Hey, look who chimed in: Moms Demand founder Shannon Watts:

OK, so we did find one person who wasn’t anti-Ryan, but it took some digging: