One of the lies spread soon after the Parkland, Fla., school shooting was that President Trump had reversed an Obama-era ban preventing the “severely mentally ill” from purchasing firearms. That said, we’re learning there were plenty of signs that shooter Nikolas Cruz was a danger to others and should not have been armed.

The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake on Monday posted the results of a Suffolk poll showing that 76 percent of respondents agree that anyone who has been treated for mental illness should be banned from owning a firearm.

Let’s pump those brakes a little … anyone who has been treated for a mental illness? If you saw a therapist about a bout of depression, you’re forever banned from owning a firearm? Let’s define some terms, OK?

Even the ACLU agreed that those Obama-era restrictions were a step too far, bypassing due process and applying the term “mentally ill” without an examination.

But you heard those young activists from Douglas Stoneman High … they want ACTION … NOW!

Even Ana Marie Cox isn’t having it.

Well, we’d argue it’s the person behind the gun, but fair enough. The point is this: keep a close eye on any legislation being rushed through proposing to ban the “mentally ill” from owning firearms.