There was a really good discussion on school shootings earlier today at the White House, but the prime-time event that everyone was waiting for was CNN’s town hall — hang on, we want to get the title correct — “Stand Up: The Students of Stoneman Douglas Demand Action.”

CNN’s Chris Cillizza addressed “people who take shots at CNN” and told them they’d better change the channel to CNN, because there was “a really, really good discussion” going on.

It was such a good discussion that moderator Jake Tapper, after the first speaker, had to remind the audience not to boo every comment by Sen. Marco Rubio to leave time for the other people who had questions.

So, a really good discussion?

* * *


He’s really excited about this emotional powder-keg they’ve put together, with all the screaming and interrupting and heckling.


WATCH: Father attempts to pigeonhole Sen. Marco Rubio on guns during #StudentsStandUp Town Hall

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