While the “scientific consensus” on climate change continues to focus almost 100 percent on man-made causes such as carbon emissions from industry and methane from livestock, another group of scientists is looking elsewhere and predicting perhaps severe global cooling.

The International Business Times reports on a study by the University of California San Diego which predicts the Sun will cool by 2050.

A study by the University of California San Diego has claimed that by 2050, the Sun is expected to become cool. You might think “what’s the big deal,” but remember that this means the solar activities that create the heat of the Sun to sustain life on Earth may diminish. And the last time it happened was in the 17th century when the Thames River froze. Scientists call this the “Maunder Minimum”.

Physicist Dan Lubin at the university and his team studied the past event and concluded that we are in for a worse case. The Sun is expected to get much dimmer than last time and, in scientific terms, it is a “grand minimum” — a time period in the 11-year solar cycle when the solar activities are at the lowest point.

IBT also reports that researchers at the Northumbria University “have claimed that a mini ice age will start by 2021 and is expected to reduce the effect of global warming, but not stop it.”


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