We’re well aware there are headlines out there that are nothing but click-bait, and we were almost certain this was one of them. The Constitution is terrible and needs to be thrown out?

Ryan Cooper is being serious, though. In The Week Saturday, he concludes that America should “throw the entire Constitution into the garbage:”

One of the biggest problems with the Constitution as written is it makes changing anything nearly impossible. Other countries regularly ditch or overhaul their constitutions to deal with new problems — and even America has done so in the distant past. When the first stab at a U.S. Constitution proved totally unworkable, Americans of the day didn’t fuss around with stipulations that “the Union shall be perpetual.” Instead they threw the whole thing out and started from scratch.

The idea of trashing the entire Constitution and its “ancient, janky mechanisms” certainly did get a response. Let’s throw it out and start over?

Well said. And as a palate cleanser, let us offer this 2015 pickup line from Judge Don Willett: