Liberals have already ruined Hollywood and the music industry for millions of Americans by conflating politics and entertainment … but zoos?

The Cincinnati Zoo ran afoul of quite a few people Saturday when it picked up on a #WomensMarch2018 poster showing a picture of the zoo’s baby hippo, Fiona, with the words “Fiona Is Female.”

It’s far from the most offensive poster we’ve seen at the marches (that would probably be this one), but still … did the zoo have to jump in and politicize the popular baby hippo that was born 6 weeks premature and nursed to health?

Yes, Fiona is female, and obviously, someone not affiliated with the zoo made the sign … but anyone who thinks the Women’s March is an all-encompassing pro-woman event is either ignorant or deluded. Did they happen to catch the headlining speakers last year?

Zoos shouldn’t get political — but if there were a proper place for a Fiona poster, it would have been at the #MarchForLife Friday.

Pro-lifers not welcome, either.

No, it’s not a big crisis, but we’d have been happier if the zoo had stayed out the political realm.