You know how CNN’s Brian Stelter has gotten into a habit of making fun of Fox News headlines? He really needs to give it a rest.

Earlier this week, The New York Times published an opinion piece by author Jennifer Weiner called, “What the President Doesn’t Get About Dogs.”

It was a pretty fluffy piece, although Weiner took plenty of shots at Trump, the dogless president:

It takes a lot to elicit sympathy for a man whose life goals seem to be deepening America’s divisions, lining his pockets and starting a third world war on Twitter, not necessarily in that order. But it’s hard not to be a little sad for anyone who won’t ever know the singular pleasure of a dog’s companionship.

Mr. Trump may never know the steadying warmth of a dog by his side while he rage-watches cable TV. He won’t know the way a dog’s paw-pads smell like corn chips, or the pleasure at the sight of her paddling her feet, giving little yips and snarls as she chases squirrels in her dreams.

For some reason, CNN’s Michael Smerconish picked up on the piece and ran with it Saturday:

Hey now, Weiner’s piece includes an astute analysis of Trump’s tweets that include references to dogs. Yes, she actually went through the president’s Twitter timeline and picked out references like, “fired like a dog” and “kicked out like a dog.”

OK, they’ve lost it.


AGAIN? CNN really needs to stop calling out Fox News over its headlines