Remember last April when The New York Times switchboard reportedly was slammed with cancellation calls after the initial offering by “conservative” columnist Bret Stephens, who dared caution against “claiming total certainty about [climate] science,” even though he added the caveat, “None of this is to deny climate change or the possible severity of its consequences.” That didn’t matter to outraged readers, though.

Then it happened again in November when actress Debra Messing allegedly canceled her subscription … all because the paper ran a profile of Ben Shapiro.

Now, The New York Times is getting hammered again after tweeting an open call for Trump voters to get in touch.

Is the president performing as you hoped, or has he fallen short? Whatever outcome the Times is hoping for, readers have heard enough from Trump voters from the “right-leaning” New York Times. Check out the butthurt:

The New York Times — the same paper that, the month before the election, ran a full, two-page spread chronicling “every insult Donald J. Trump has made on Twitter since declaring his candidacy” — is pandering to Trump voters again.

Cry more, Peter Daou.

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