Teen Vogue reported Wednesday that Iceland just made history by becoming the first nation to make equal pay for men and women a law, and now they’re asking for the United States to follow suit.

They made history? But didn’t President John F. Kennedy sign the Equal Pay Act into law mandating exactly that?

A teen girl’s magazine that was just guest-edited by none other than Hillary Clinton … who would have been paid the same as Donald Trump if that whole run for president had worked out.

But, like they say in the piece, poor Today Show host Hoda Kotb made $18 million less per year than Matt Lauer … and the only possible reason could be the gender difference.

Might as well laugh at Patricia Arquette while we’re at it.

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Hey look, socialist Bernie Sanders even made a little movie about it and added some bogus stats too.


Shadow president Hillary Clinton super jazzed to be guest-editing Teen Vogue