John Brennan, former CIA director under Barack Obama, joined Twitter only last September and has tweeted only six times since then, but he’s already becoming a favorite of The Resistance, despite calling himself “nonpartisan” in his Twitter bio. Notice how the nonpartisans like him and Matthew Dowd have never said a positive thing about Trump or the GOP?

Just a couple of weeks ago, Brennan was upset about President Trump’s handling of the U.N. as it voted to condemn America’s decision to place its embassy in Jerusalem, and now he seems convinced that the “moderates” in the Iranian regime were on the verge of a breakthrough before Trump came along and ruined everything by condemning the Obama administration’s nuke deal.

We think we know who was bolstered by those clandestine pallets of cash, and it wasn’t reformists. Does Brennan really think this?

“Was” head of the CIA — let’s start the new year off right with some positive thinking.

It seems everyone from the Obama administration but Obama has weighed in on the protests in Iran, not that anyone asked.


Drama queen John Brennan calls Trump’s tough talk on UN ‘beyond outrageous’