Over at Twitchy sister site Townhall, you might have read Kurt Schlichter’s most recent column, “Trump Ends 2017 Residing In His Enemies’ Heads.”

“Trump owns his foes,” Schlichter writes. “They are mere satellites orbiting around him, and his gravity is all that keeps them from spinning off into space. They have willingly submitted to the reality of a Trumpocentric political universe. It’s hilarious.”

It is hilarious, though it also borders on sad every now and then. Take, for example, Resistance leader Alyssa Milano, who thought she’d spend the days between Christmas and New Year’s re-reading President Trump’s tweets.

We’re pretty sure she’s kidding about being curled up in the fetal position, but did she really go back and re-read days’ worth of the president’s tweets, knowing she’d be triggered? That’s … odd.

It really is.

Any advice for poor Alyssa and her followers?