CNN’s Jake Tapper on Saturday highlighted a petition drive to encourage former President Barack Obama to make a public statement in support of the anti-regime protesters in Iran.

The petition, posted on, is far too long to include here, but here’s a taste:

As a distinguished Nobel Peace Prize winner and as an individual who symbolizes hope and possibility of change to so many around the world, we ask you to hear the cries of the Iranian people and to send a strong and public message of compassion and solidarity. Such a message not only would inspire and unify the people of Iran, but it also could catalyze bipartisan collaboration here at home. Your willingness to speak out on this time-sensitive issue could spur the American people to join hands in a nonpartisan manner and support the shared values of freedom and liberty that are inspiring the Iranian people.

Nobel Peace Prize winner … that never fails to crack us up.

Will Obama finally make that statement he passed on during his first term?

As of this writing, about 300 people have signed over at

In case anyone was wondering, America has a new president, and he’s already made his support clear:


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