Simon & Schuster was supposed to have published Milo Yiannopoulos’ book “Dangerous,” but it ended up canceling publication earlier this year, inspiring Yiannopoulos to file a lawsuit.

As part of its rebuttal, Simon & Schuster filed as an exhibit a complete manuscript of the book annotated with comments by editor Mitchell Ivers, and some of those comments made the rounds of social media Thursday, including one about a suicide fantasy.

The editor writes:

I literally cannot take this anymore. I have a gun in my mouth and have said goodbye to my loved ones. I am questioning every decision in my life that led me to this point in my career. I am broken. I have willed my personal finances and worldly possessions. Goodbye world. You deserve this book.

Hey, “You deserve this book” would have looked great as a big red sticker on the back cover.

Self-aggrandizement? Milo? NO.