For some reason, leftovers from the Obama administration just keep talking as though they weren’t sent packing in a big way when the American public refused to coronate Obama’s chosen successor. They seem to have suffered some memory loss as well, often overlooking their own massive failures.

Take, for instance, Susan Rice, who’s most famous for shopping the outright lie about a YouTube video causing the “protest” that led to a lethal terrorist assault in Benghazi. On Wednesday, she declared in a New York Times op-ed that President Trump’s “America First” vision is weakening the country.

Rice writes:

In Mr. Trump’s estimation, we live in a world where America wins only at others’ expense. There is no common good, no international community, no universal values, only American values. America is no longer “a global force for good,” as in President Obama’s last strategy, or a “shining city on a hill,” as in President Reagan’s vision. The new strategy enshrines a zero-sum mentality: “Protecting American interests requires that we compete continuously within and across these contests, which are being played out in regions around the world.” This is the hallmark of Mr. Trump’s nationalistic, black-and-white “America First” strategy.

America is no longer a global force for good? We have relinquished our moral authority?

Hey, look who else joined the party … Ben “Iran Deal” Rhodes. Great.

Good advice for both Rice and Rhodes: