Eric Morrow of BuzzFeed News is spreading the word that someone has put together an elaborate hoax to make it look like the Washington Redskins are changing their name to the Washington Redhawks. The hoax consists of mock-ups of news stories on sites like The Washington Post and Bleacher Report.

The Redskins are aware of the fake news pages and issued a brief statement assuring fans that the team name isn’t going anywhere.

Somebody put some work into this hoax, even mocking up a home page with a Redhawks logo and a press release.

Yes, there is a working website and Twitter account, all to show how easy it would be to change the name. The website does come with a disclaimer:

DISCLAIMER: This website is a parody and is not endorsed by the Washington football team, the NFL, Dan Snyder, or any of their affiliates because, in 2017, these people think it’s still OK to use a racial slur for their mascot. This website was created by Native advocates to help us all imagine how easy and powerful changing the mascot could be. See our press release for more details.

However, the Redskins have already said the name is staying. What does the public think of the team’s statement?

That escalated quickly.

Show of hands … anyone up for the Washington Redhawks?

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