As Twitchy teased Sunday night, Megyn Kelly hosted on her show Monday morning three women who claim to have been sexually harassed by President Donald Trump.

Viewers will have to decide for themselves what to make of the stories shared by Jessica Leeds, Rachel Crooks, and Samantha Holvey, all of whom went public with their accusations last year during the 2016 campaign.

Those who missed the broadcast can see a segment featuring Rachel Crooks saying she wished she’d been “stronger” when she gave her phone number to Donald Trump after he asked for it to pass along to a modeling agency.

Straightforward from here:

6. President Hillary!

Well, as she says now, she would have done things differently if it happened again, but women feel pressure not to be that “nasty girl” — even while wearing pussy hats and NASTY WOMAN T-shirts, apparently.

That depends … did it make the other person uncomfortable?


For what it’s worth, here’s the White House’s denial of the allegations:

* * *


MONDAY PREVIEW: Get ready to hear more from the women who accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct