As we learned in a recent tweet from Polygon executive editor Chris Plante, millennials don’t want a trophy, they just want to live — however, the GOP is making it impossible for them to pay off student loans, buy homes, and more.

And thus millennials introduced another problem; by being so whiny, they’ve actually made the word “millennial” itself into an insult, at least according to the latest editorial guidance from the Wall Street Journal.

Journal reporter Byron Tau noted this week that the paper’s style guidance steers reporters away from using the “snide” term.


What we usually mean is young people, so we probably should just say that. Many of the habits and attributes of millennials are common for people in their 20s, with or without a snotty term.

But it is worth remembering, too, that millennials are an important group of WSJ readers (not to mention many of your colleagues). We risk alienating them if we write about them with such disdain.

Guess not:

* * *

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