Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is a self-styled champion of women, and yet she gets it wrong so much of the time.

At the Women in the World Conference in 2015, she was asked about rape hoaxes like the story that was published and then retracted by Rolling Stone magazine. She answered, “Well, I hope it’s just putting more of a spotlight on the problem” — not the problem of hoaxes, you see, but of sexual assault. Sure, some young men’s lives might have been destroyed by a false accusation of rape, but the real concern for Gillibrand was the sexual assault that never actually happened.

So it’s not surprising that Gillibrand, questioned about Sen. Al Franken at Politico’s “Women Rule” event, would punt on the question if she’d ask him to resign. Check out this convoluted answer which isn’t an answer at all, though she’s still troubled by the allegations.

Gillibrand even draws a line, saying that all sexual misconduct, from assault to groping, is unacceptable. And yet, she can’t answer when asked about Franken, photographed groping a sleeping woman.


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