Here’s some news from Everett, Wash., which passed an ordinance in August to make “bikini baristas” cover up at work.

On Monday, however, a U.S. district court judge extended an injunction against the ordinance, preventing the city from enforcing the ban on bare skin.

KOMO reports:

U.S. District Court Judge Marsha Pechman wrote that the city’s rules “are likely void for vagueness under the 14th Amendment and that they “fail to provide clear guidance and raise risks of arbitrary enforcement.” The judge also says that the dress code — an attempt by the city to get baristas to wear at least a tank top and shorts — likely violates the baristas’ right of free expression under the First Amendment.

The baristas’ lawyer argued in court last month that the city shouldn’t be able to regulate clothing and that there was an “art form” to being a bikini barista.

According to The Seattle Times, the judge said the ordinance is likely unconstitutionally vague; for example, it uses undefined terms like “anal-cleft.” So for now, the bikini baristas can continue business as usual.

* * *