As Twitchy reported, a jury in San Francisco Thursday acquitted illegal immigrant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate of murder and manslaughter charges in the 2015 shooting death of Kate Steinle. Zarate was found guilty only of being in possession of a firearm.

Judging by the shockwaves the verdict has sent across the nation, it was far from expected. Shouldn’t Zarate, who was in possession of a stolen gun, have been found guilty of manslaughter?

President Donald Trump certainly wasn’t quiet about the case, but USA Today columnist and CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers alleged Thursday night that Trump had portrayed Steinle’s killing as a murder “to stir up bigotry against Mexicans.”

So now that we know — legally speaking — that Steinle’s killing was “a tragic accident,” are we supposed to forget that Zarate shouldn’t have been in the country, let alone in possession of a firearm? A lot of people are furious about the verdict, and it doesn’t seem to be bigotry against Mexicans that’s fueling their anger.


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INFURIATING: Illegal alien acquitted of murder, manslaughter in shooting death of Kate Steinle