Just four paragraphs into her Guardian piece on African child brides, Gethin Chamberlain writes, “Everyone has their own idea of what climate change looks like.”

That doesn’t sound very scientific, but she goes on:

For some, it’s the walrus struggling to find space on melting ice floes on Blue Planet II. For others, it’s an apocalyptic vision of cities disappearing beneath the waves. But for more and more girls across Africa, the most palpable manifestation of climate change is the baby in their arms as they sit watching their friends walk to school.

We’ve already heard theories that climate change has been instrumental in the formation of ISIS and created waves of climate refugees, and now we’re hearing that climate change is responsible for young girls being married off in Africa.

UNICEF USA picked up on the piece, and its tweet was retweeted by Chelsea Clinton, so expect to hear plenty more about child brides and climate change — what meteorologists would more accurately call, “weather.”

“As global warming exacerbates drought and floods…”

* * *


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