We’re going to assume we’re not supposed to even blink at an article in the New York Times about teen (and pre-teen) boys setting new norms for beauty by wearing makeup and posting the results on their social media channels — just like the time Elle ran that cute piece on the 8-year-old drag queen named “Lactatia.”

In a piece entitled, “His Eye Makeup Is Way Better Than Yours,” Bee Shapiro explains:

“What you have now are millennial moms who have grown up in an era where gender is more fluid,” [salon owner Cozy] Friedman said. “Millennials are very in tune with empowering their children.” For example, she sees a wide range of hair lengths on boys. “It’s not unusual for boys to sit in the chair, take out an iPhone and show a picture of what they want their hair to look like,” she said, adding that they start around age 6. “There are many role models for them to look to now.”

Matthew Taylor, 16, with 180,000 Instagram followers, is optimistic that male beauty norms will continue to loosen, regardless of sexual orientation. “I do think that one day boys will be able to do whatever they want and not be judged,” he said.

Only 180,000 Instagram followers at 16? Jack Bennett, 10, has amassed 331,000 followers since starting his Instagram account in May. (Actually, his mom opened the account for him; in most places, a person has to be at least 13 to start an Instagram account.)

Good point; how would Times readers react to a story on 10-year-old girls being made up for a beauty pageant?

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