Sen. Al Franken is pretty toxic right now, although Democrats can’t decide whether he belongs in the Senate or not following allegations of sexual misconduct with newscaster and model Leeann Tweeden.

He’s apparently too toxic, though, for PBS, which has said that Franken “will not appear substantially” in Monday night’s broadcast of “David Letterman: The Mark Twain Prize.”

The Washington Examiner reports:

“PBS and WETA, the producing station, felt that the inclusion of Senator Franken in the broadcast at this time would distract from the show’s purpose as a celebration of American humor,” the network said.

Though Franken’s participation will largely be edited out of the broadcast, the network told TVLine the senator can still be seen “in the finale shot when all the cast” joins Letterman on stage.

We know he never served as a senator, but wasn’t Letterman himself blackmailed into revealing an affair with a 21-year-old college intern when he was 49?

On air, Letterman revealed the existence of a package from a would-be blackmailer containing “proof that I do terrible, terrible things.”

* * *