Here’s the thing: when a tweet appears from @realDonaldTrump, there’s little doubt that it came straight from the real Donald Trump — a fact that drives all liberals crazy and makes half of conservatives nervous.

But you never really did know with Barack Obama just who was tweeting. The @POTUS account was a committee effort, and @BarackObama actually belonged to and was run by former campaign staffers, with a “-BO” indicating it was the man himself speaking.

So is this a heartfelt birthday message straight from Barack Obama to his brother Joe Biden, or another message carefully crafted by a group of political staffers. Fans of Obama don’t seem to care; some of them admit to being too busy crying to notice.

Not bad, racking up more than half-a-million likes within three hours.

We think Obama got there earlier than this; say, about the time he was interviewed by the green-lipped YouTube star who bathes in Cheerios, or when he slow-jammed the news, or when he literally dropped the mic at Nerd Prom.

For what it’s worth, here’s the “Liquid Swords” meme everyone’s talking about:

Dang, Obama tweets a meme and America goes nuts. Trump tweets a CNN/fake news meme and …

Greatest president ever? Nice, but we’re sticking with our original suspicion:

* * *