As Twitchy has reported, there’s been a rash of think pieces by liberals published this week urging Democrats to revisit how they treated the sexual assault charges against President Bill Clinton back in the ’90s.

Political analyst Howard Fineman doesn’t seem to have read any of those pieces, or perhaps it’s just that none of them sunk in. Was Bill Clinton allowed to skate on allegations of rape and sexual assault just because he was a so-called champion of women’s rights (i.e., abortion)? How does that work, exactly?

Well, we’re seeing a very similar scenario play out in 2017 now that Democratic Sen. Al Franken has been accused (with photographic evidence, no less). Fineman certainly isn’t the first to use the “champion of women’s rights” defense, but it’ll be interesting to see how many people fall back on that same turn of phrase.

Franken adores his wife! And the woman who accused him of forcing his tongue into her mouth? She was photographed smiling while firing a gun at the range one time!

Here’s the evidence we’d need to see to believe part of Fineman’s claim:

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