The fact that Sen. Marco Rubio can make a joke about taking a sip of water during a televised speech just goes to show how utterly out of proportion the reaction was back in 2013 when he reached for a sip during his response to President Obama’s State of the Union address.

Well played.

For the record, here’s video of President Trump reaching for a bottle of water during a speech Wednesday, not that it won’t be replayed on TV plenty of times.

Props to Rubio for having a sense of humor, still. For what it’s worth, he did manage to sell quite a few campaign-branded water bottles after the fact, and he shared a photo of a hearty water bottle toast with Benjamin Netanyahu.

In any case, expect more chat on cable TV Wednesday night about the water bottle than Trump’s Asia trip; look, CNN already has the chyron put together:


Because there really is a tweet for everything, this tweet from Trump from 2013 is making the rounds quite a bit right now.


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