We certainly noticed it, and The Federalist did too; that is, the sudden glut of think pieces suggesting that Americans, and especially Democrats, really need to make a reckoning with the charges made against former President Bill Clinton. It’s awfully difficult to call out the hypocrisy of Roy Moore supporters while trying to hold up Clinton’s shaky legacy.

The piece by David Harsanyi is well worth a read, but what really caught our attention is the same thing that has with every one of these think pieces on Clinton — people seem to think he was punished for his “indiscretions.”

He didn’t just skip away? That’s kind of exactly what he did, if you ask around a bit.

So he was “kind of” punished?

You are correct, sir. Ask Juanita Broaddrick or Kathleen Wiley if they think Clinton was punished on their behalf.

* * *