Strangely, “Gadsden Mall” has just popped up on Twitter’s list of trending topics in the United States, and it owes to a piece in The New Yorker investigating rumors that Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore was on a ban list there in the 1980s.

Charles Bethea writes:

This past weekend, I spoke or messaged with more than a dozen people—including a major political figure in the state—who told me that they had heard, over the years, that Moore had been banned from the mall because he repeatedly badgered teen-age girls. Some say that they heard this at the time, others in the years since. These people include five members of the local legal community, two cops who worked in the town, several people who hung out at the mall in the early eighties, and a number of former mall employees.

“Gadsden’s current law-enforcement community could not confirm the existence of a mall ban on Moore,” Bethea writes. However, plenty of people say they had heard the rumor.

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