The clear myth behind just about every “common sense” gun control proposal is that no one wants to take away law-abiding citizens guns. Of course, they’d love to take away all the guns if they could, but the best chance they have is to chip away incrementally, whether it be by regulating magazine sizes or keeping it difficult for people to buy suppressors.

David Scharfenberg‏, editorial writer for the Boston Globe, finally gets around all that in his opinion piece, “Hand over your weapons.”

Scharfenberg‏ writes:

Part of the problem is the sheer scale of the enterprise. An operation on par with the Australian buyback — claiming one-fifth of American guns — would mean tens of thousands of police officers collecting some 60 million guns. It is, on some level, simply unimaginable.

But perhaps gun-control advocates can propose something smaller — something more targeted.

In other words, it’s not possible and it wouldn’t work — but maybe try it anyway?

* * *