There was a lot of buzz among The Resistance on Twitter Saturday over President Trump’s handshake with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The questions at hand: did Trump confront Putin about Russian meddling in the election, and does Trump even believe Russia interfered?

So what’s the story? Did Trump bring up Russian interference in the 2016 election?

The Kremlin, however, says the issue was not brought up.

In the meantime, Trump is getting crushed by liberals who are saying he denies there was an attempt by Russia to meddle in the election.

Strap yourselves in: Hillary superfan Peter Daou gets an “A” in reading comprehension and actually defends Trump on this issue.

Daou’s right: what Trump said is that he believes Putin believes what he says when he denies Russian meddling.

But there’s another twist: CIA Director Mike Pompeo is pushing back.

Pompeo didn’t issue a statement, but he did stand by the 2016 intelligence community assessment on Russia.

And Trump is pushing back against the pushback?

None of this is going over very well with The Resistance:

Has President Trump landed yet?

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