This weekend in Detroit was the Women’s Convention, an effort by the Women’s March to keep the pussy hat momentum going from January’s gatherings in Washington, D.C. and around the world.

The convention flew under the media radar for the most part, but Cosmopolitan was paying attention and wrote extensively about the most popular panel of the weekend, something called “Confronting White Womanhood.”

In fact, the Friday panel was such a huge draw, the presenters ran it again on Saturday.

So, what can Cosmopolitan tell us about “Confronting White Womanhood”?

Neither [panel co-creator Sophie] Ellman-Golan nor [Heather Marie] Scholl expected there to be such a swell of interest in the panel. Scholl sees the lines of women crowding the panel as a testament to the fact that, post-election, “things feel more dire, particularly for white people.”

“We haven’t often felt that,” she said. “Communities of color have, but it’s new for us.”

The panel itself began with Ellman-Golan giving a disclaimer that the room would be what she called a “brave space.”

“Ellman-Golan then gave a condensed history of instances where white women have been both directly and indirectly responsible for violence against black men,” writes Hannah Smothers. Then, “Scholl gave a miniature lesson in ‘white saviorism’ and spoke about the ways even a well-meaning act from a liberal white woman can be inherently racist.”

So, liberal white women traveled to Detroit to stand in line for a panel on how they’re inherently racist? Linda Sarsour approves.

* * *