Here’s a hot take from The Economist: America’s uncritical love affair with men and women in uniform is a big problem, as it leads to a lot of fuzzy thinking when it comes to funding.

The writer points to this “important truth”:

… The gulf between America’s armed forces and its civilians has never been greater. In 1990, 40% of young Americans had a military veteran for a parent; in 2014 only 16% did. But this dissonance has not, as the general implied, caused Americans to underappreciate the forces. To the contrary, it has encouraged, as his remarks also indicated, a highly romanticised view of military service, which is inaccurate and counter-productive at best.

There’s probably a bit more to their argument about federal funding, but some readers had trouble getting past the concept of America’s “uncritical soldier worship.”

* * *

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