There were a couple of so-called White Lives Matter rallies Saturday in Tennessee, and not surprisingly, counterprotesters outnumbered white supremacists at each.

Here are a few photos to give an idea of who showed up in Shelbyville, Tenn., Saturday. But first, there was an excellent bit of trolling as counterprotesters played the “Jeopardy” theme while waiting for the white supremacists to show up; apparently, they were running late, although that might have been due to the security checkpoint through which they had to pass.

That left the counterprotesters anxious.


This counterprotester had a sign showing who was and who wasn’t welcome in Shelbyville … but how’d Tom Brady get mixed up in this?

Finally, some Nazis.


This video of protesters leaving the rally serves as a quick fashion show of sorts. Reporter Kyle Horan says to listen closely, and we did manage to hear someone call the crowd both “low energy” and “sad.”

So far we’ve seen reports of only one arrest.

* * *


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